Are you a programmer?

Hello, World!

After a long time offline, A Programmer’s Life is back…


Friend: Dude, they told me you are a programmer, right?
Programador: Yeah
Amigo: that’s great! ’cause my printer is not working…
Programador: Man, which part of ‘programmer’ have you missed?
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5 Responses to Are you a programmer?

  1. Mike says:

    Friend: Dude, they told me you’re a programmer, right?
    Programmer: Yeah…
    Friend: That’s great! ’cause my printer is not working…
    Programmer: Man, what part of ‘programmer’ did you miss?

  2. Nicolas says:

    Great! Hope to read you soon.

  3. Gaston says:

    It’s a great news for all the fans

  4. Daniel15 says:

    Welcome back! Are you going to repost any of the previous posts?

  5. Calebe says:

    True life!


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