A Programmer’s Life is exists due the funny/sad stories lived by programmers.

The stories here are real (or not), but all the names and some facts are changed/adapted.

I’m programmer, not a designer, so my draw is based on Vida de Suporte, a simple and great work.

This site is an english translation of Vida de Programador (published in brazilian portuguese).


I’m Andre Noel, Bachelor in Computer Science and a programmer who lived (unfortunately) many stories told here.

English is not my first language, so spell/grammar mistakes are expected. Feel free to point my errors.

19 Responses to About

  1. computer says:

    make one that doesn’t blow

  2. Jinn says:

    Awsome..!! expecting some more.. :-)

  3. Fernando says:

    Great work!

    Greetings from Spain ;)

  4. nitesh says:

    nice blog and funny stories
    being one of them, I can easily myself to these snippets!
    keep it up.

  5. Helder says:

    Mto bom, se conseguires algumas destas tiras nas TShirts, acho que irei comprar algumas ;D

    A malta está vendo desde Moçambique, Portugal, Inglaterra, etc!!

    Continua com o bom trabalho, está exelente!!

    Abraço de Lisboa ;D

  6. sayitfast says:

    This is great stuff… is there a json feed here I can use to steal these fair and square?


  7. D says:

    Why is this feed posted to Planet Ubuntu? I love webcomics, but I don’t think the planet is the right place for it.

  8. Sudarshan says:

    Totally rocking!

    Greetings From India!

    Am I allowed to Embed it on my blog?

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  10. skriptico says:


  11. arzki says:

    Great work. I can find myself in some of them.
    Greetings from Germany.

  12. Alireza says:

    The Teklynx delivers the best barcode and label software. MessageBox.Show(“My first language is not English, too! So don’t Error! :D ”, “Your comics are best!”);
    label1.Text += “You are programming with Java, yea?”;
    string s = “My programming language is C#, and it’s my first programming language!”;
    this.Text = “I’m 12! :D ”;

    • Greg v.2 says:

      Unexcepted sentence in label1 “label1You are programming with Java, yea?”

    • [.]-[.] says:

      * :-)


      int main( )
      if( isatty( STDIN_FILENO ) ) // as defined in stdio.h
      std::cout << "I want a file with a list of languages, not your stupid input!\n";
      return 1;

      std::cout << "I'm programming with:\nc++; ";

      std::for_each( std::istream_iterator( std::cin ),
      std::istream_iterator( ),
      []( std::string s )
      std::cout << s << "; ";

      std::cout << "\nAnd i like this website!";

      return 0;

      • [.]-[.] says:

        damn. stupid html escape sequences. you really should use htmlspecialchars() on these if you’re running php. and delete these two please :-/

  13. Alireza says:

    I hava a true story, what do I need to do? (I said later, my English is bad, if that was wrong, sorry!)

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