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Programming a network

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Original: Programar uma rede

real story;
string sender;
sender = "afonso";

Friend: You’re a programmer, right?
Programmer: Yeah. Why?
Friend: I need to program a network, could you help me?
Programmer: Did you mean, to setup a router?
Friend: No… I need to program my Internet to stop to falling out…

T-shirt: I don’t always perform miracles


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Original: iPad S2

/* true story lived by airton And elias */
Programmer: Man, I’m going to give an iPad to my girlfriend…
A.P.: You’re going to give your girlfriend an iPad?!?
Programmer: Yep…
A.P.: Do you wanna date me?

Perfect marriage

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Alonso: It’s curious how many guys from our area are married with psychologists. I wonder why…
Programmer: No!! No!! No!! It’s a string, you stupid machine who doesn’t even makes coffee!
A.P.: Do I need to answer?
Programmer: Sorry… I should not yell at you

Original: Casamento perfeito

Working on TV

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Friend: Where do you work?
Programmer: On TV
Friend: And what do you do there?
Programmer: Programs… I’m a programmer
Friend: Cool! What time your program is broadcasted?

Original: Trabalho na TV

Programmer’s Logic

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Alex: Man, I’ll never understand the women
Programmer: Nobody will… But why are you saying this?
Alex: My wife asked me to go to the market and said: “Bring 6 eggs. If there are potatoes, bring 9.” There were potatoes. But she got mad when I arrived only with the 9 eggs…
Programmer: Go figure…

Original: Lógica de Programação