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Perfect marriage

Publicado em 24/11/2011 10:30 4 Comments

Alonso: It’s curious how many guys from our area are married with psychologists. I wonder why…
Programmer: No!! No!! No!! It’s a string, you stupid machine who doesn’t even makes coffee!
A.P.: Do I need to answer?
Programmer: Sorry… I should not yell at you

Original: Casamento perfeito

It could be worse

Publicado em 16/08/2011 10:00 10 Comments

Jack: You’ll not believe… I erased all client data by mistake, I don’t have a
backup and the server can restore their backup only next week… I’m lost!
Programmer: Well, it could be worse…
Jack: Impossible! How could it be worse?
Programmer: It could be me…

Are you a programmer?

Publicado em 03/08/2011 10:59 26 Comments

Friend: Dude, they told me you are a programmer, right?
Programmer: Yeah
Friend: That’s great! ’cause my printer is not working…
Programmer: Man, which part of ‘programmer’ have you missed?

Original: Você é programador?