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What You Should Know About The Piqua Shawnee History and Cultural Identity The Piqua Shawnee people primarily live in Alabama today and are one of the many recognized Native Indian tribes we have in America. They are one of the six tribes that forms the larger Shawnee tribe. Historically, the Shawnee tribe is known to have inhabited the American northeast for thousands of years. Regions such as what is today known as Ohio. Indiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Kentucky were first occupied by both the Shawnees and other Native Indians like the Cherokee. The remainder of this piece talks about the cultural traditions and the history of the Shawnee people. Recorded history of the Shawnee people Prior to the European settlers setting foot in America, chiefs were the rulers of the Northeast part of America. Tribes with the largest number of warriors controlled vast areas. The Shawnee people in this case traveled from one spot to the other so as to stay away from confrontations with other neighboring Native American Tribes. The Shawnee people life turned to worse when European settlers came to America. Their lands were forcefully take b by the European who had better weapons.
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However, the Shawnee tribe fought the white settlers for a number of years as they did not want surrender their land without a fight. Their numbers were greatly decimated because of the war and the diseases introduced by the European. The Shawnees were finally settled by the Europeans in the present day Oklahoma on a land reserve. However, a huge number of Shawnees remained in the areas stated above. There are numerous stories accounting how some members of the Shawnee traveled as far as New York, just to escape hostilities from marauding Indian tribes and the colonialists.
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Tribe Numbers before European touched down The Shawnee tribe was booming in terms of population growth prior to the arrival of white settlers. Due to wars with the Europeans, the members of the Shawnee tribe were reduced to 3500 according to census data. Today, the number of tribe members from Shawnee tribe is estimated to be 15,000 across the United States of America. They Speak primary English Lots of people who believe are Shawnee by DNA only speak the English language due to the many years on close contact with the Europeans. The Shawnee language is only known by a few elderly people. If there aren’t any steps taken to revive the Shawnee language, then there’s likelihood of extinction according to various studies. Shawnee tribe dwelling The Shawnee people designed simple homes because they were nomadic. Their dwellings were made from simple materials such as tree bark, hides and thick grass. Their houses were not only appealing but were also dome-shaped.

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